Wednesday, 25 March 2020 in 11:28

PersiaHR is your main quarantine helper

Quarantine has made its changes to the usual working rhythm, especially for recruiters. Many companies are forced to suspend the hiring of new employees, and all processes are paused. But this does not mean that recruiters are left without ongoing work, on the contrary, quarantine is the right time to build up a base of candidates.

PersiaHR is your best assistant for remote work. With our system you can fully work with candidates, customers and colleagues from home. It will also be easy for you to hire remote personnel and conduct all hiring work with them.

Why will PersiaHR be your best remote work solution? We identified five key reasons to start using the online recruitment automation system today.

1. Access from any device

Unlike boxed ATS, PersiaHR is a cloud system, that is, you can use it from any device from anywhere in the world. You only need a login and password, and your entire database will be at your fingertips. We also have a mobile version – all information about candidates, vacancies and interviews will be on your smartphone.

2. Work with colleagues

You can add your colleagues-recruiters to the system and work with them at the same time. All company recruiters have access to a common database of candidates: they can add resumes, search for suitable resumes, attach them to vacancies, take notes, edit information. Also, customers can be added to the system. They will also be able to add their comments and track work on the vacancy.

3. Common candidate database

You and your colleagues can add candidates to your database from various sources and in various ways. You can import resumes not only from files, but also from job sites and social networks. Information from the resume is automatically extracted, and the system itself creates a candidate card that you can work with — attach to vacancies, add comments, communicate with the candidate. By the way, the entire history of interaction and correspondence is stored in the system.

4. Planning further action

The system has a convenient scheduler and calendar. You can add all reminders of calls, letters, appointments and interviews to the PersiaHR calendar, which is synchronized with Google calendar. So all planned events will not be left without your attention.

5. Communication with candidates directly from the system

You can send letters directly from the candidate page. When the applicant replies to your message, a copy of the letter will also come to your main mailbox. You can attach any file to the letter — a test task, questionnaire, etc. If the candidate has attached examples of work, photographs or a test task to his letter, PersiaHR will receive them and attach them to the candidate’s card.

And most importantly, working at PersiaHR is safe and confidential. Only you have access to your database, and all data is stored on the server in encrypted form. And you can always download your database using the backup.

Quarantine is the time to streamline your work. PersiaHR helps you organize your workflow and make it more convenient. Increase your efficiency with us!



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Friday, 20 March 2020 in 12:21

PersiaHR during quarantine

The PersiaHR team is committed to quarantining and working more from home. All technical processes and customer support continue to work as usual. We will answer all incoming calls, but the timing of answers may slightly increase. We will be glad to hear your experience in quarantine – write to us 🙂

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Wednesday, 15 January 2020 in 15:50

International HR & Recruiting Summit — LifeStyle 6.0 — Kyiv

The most expected event in Ukraine for recruiters and HR managers in 2020!

March 27, 9.00
#Київ #Киев

The most practical conference for Recruiters and HR Managers of all branches of Ukraine!
A unique format in the form of 10 trainings from the TOP coaches of the world in their industries from the USA / EU / Ukraine is waiting for you.

Recruiting direction:
Jan Tegze — SolarWinds and Author of “Full Stack Recruiter”
Ondřej Procházka — Facebook
Susanna Frazier — Walmart
Teddy Dimitrova — GeoPhy
Сергій Бабіч — LvivCSS

HR direction:
Olena Antosheva — Materialise
Igor Solodov — Solodov.projects
Vasyl Hukalyuk — ITHRLifestyle
and more…

This Summit is suitable for everyone from beginners to directors of their areas! Team discount!

Catch your chance to get into Practice, not theory! Places are limited!
Knowledge and ready-made solutions / Certificates and Gifts / Furious emotions are all waiting for you!

Sign up —
Free tickets —
Private Telegram channel —

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