Tuesday, 17 April 2018 in 15:42

Watch your team activity with Journal button!

Dear friends, we want to share great news ! We added special Journal button to the main menu. With this update, you will always be aware of everything that happens in your company account.

«Journal» is the quick access to your team’s actions history in the system.

Here account administrator can track information about:

  • new jobs creation;
  • new resumes adding;
  • changes and edits in resume;
  • attaching new files to resume;
  • changes in skills and categories lists;
  • comments to the resume that recruiters and customers left;
  • stages to which the candidate was moved;
  • interviews appointment;
  • new tasks in the scheduler and their status;
  • changes in the calendar.

For your convenience, this information can be sorted by date, recruiter and customer.

Recruiter connected to your account  can view his own activity in the system with the journal:

  • quickly find recently added resumes;
  • track the changes in resume that other recruiters made;
  • view added jobs;
  • track tasks in the scheduler and calendar.

We remind you that the most important information you can always learn with Notification button.

Here, the following actions will be displayed:

  • new comments adding;
  • invitations for interview;
  • interview deleting;
  • event adding, deleting, or editing;
  • job changing;
  • customer appointment to the job.

With the help of this new PersiaHR feature you will be aware of everything that happens in your company’s account, and you will be able to track the efficiency of the whole team!

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Monday, 29 January 2018 in 16:33

HR event. Trends 2018 (Kiev)

Many large companies automate HR functions, free up time and resources to improve management and work directly with people.

For the 5th year in a row, JCI collect professionals in the field of HR “HR event. Trends 2018”to share the latest trends in human resources, job search, adaptation and appraisal of candidates, automation of HR department.

If you are: HR manager, head of HR department, business partner, specialist in corporate culture and internal communications, HR-brand manager — You just need to come to the event on February 24 in Kiev.

Registration is open at http://hrevent.eventsua.com/

You will find out:

  • What are the key HR trends in 2018?
  • How to create and develop an ambitious team;
  • Digital tools and technology in HR;
  • How GameMarking can make HR work 100% effective;
  • How to build a corporate culture competently.

Detailed program at http://hrevent.eventsua.com/

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Friday, 12 January 2018 in 10:28

+3 useful additions in Applicant’s card

Recruiters often use a notebook and pen at interviews to briefly write down candidate’s answers. But if records were made hastily, it’s easy to get confused in them especially when you have to work with a large number of applicants. PersiaHR will help to avoid embarrassing situations!

To make a note go to the applicant’s card, then go to editing mode and open Additional tab. Here you can see a field for entries where you can write a note or comment, save the history of correspondence from the messenger, enter questionnaire answers and specify any other important information. After you have created the note, click Save Changes button. Additional tab will now be highlighted in green. At any time, this information can be edited.

!Please note that by default your notes will not be visible to customers, but you can make them visible. To do this, remove the check mark in the corresponding field 

Filter comments by jobs

Surely, you are familiar with situation when one candidate is considered for several similar positions. In PersiaHR you can link one resume to several jobs. In applicant’s card on the left you can see comments to the resume that you, your colleagues and customers have left. Now this information can be filtered by job. To do this, use the drop-down list of jobs in Comments field.

Print the complete Applicant’s card (finalized)

We have improved the ability to print applicant’s card. Now the paper version will include contact information, lists of skills and categories, as well as the resume text. To do this, you need to use Print button in the upper right corner.  

We are sure that new additions will you help to preserve the necessary and, if necessary, navigate the information. And if you know how to make our system even more convenient we will be happy to know about your ideas!

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