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Wednesday, 4 September 2019 in 14:10

PersiaHR is now integrated with Google Calendar!

The recruiter’s working day is scheduled in minutes, and it is very important to organize all the information and not to miss anything. We understand how important it is to keep all the data at hand. For your convenience, we have integrated the Persia calendar with the Google calendar. Now you do not need to manually enter information into your personal Google calendar — just set up the integration.

How to connect Google Calendar to PersiaHR?

In «Account Settings — Integrations» section n addition to job sites, integration with calendars has appeared. After authorizing your Google Account, you can add any events or interview invitations to your Google Calendar.

Now, when creating any event or scheduling an interview, you have «Add to Google Calendar» mark checked by default! All information from your calendar in Persia will immediately appear on your Google calendar. Now all your meetings, calls, interviews are gathered in a place convenient for you, and you can easily manage them. If you edit, reschedule, or delete an event, the change is immediately reflected in the Google calendar.

Please note: PersiaHR calendar does not see all other events in your Google calendar.

We are confident that new PersiaHR feature will make your work more efficient and convenient. And if you have ideas for improving PersiaHR, we will be glad to hear them!

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Wednesday, 12 June 2019 in 17:14

Analyze your jobs effectiveness with PersiaHR

PersiaHR team always strives to ensure that our users can not only optimize workflows, but also have the opportunity to analyze the quality of their work. That is why we added to the system the ability to create individual reasons of rejections.

Now you can not only find out what causes the candidates to refuse, but also increase the ammount of candidates who accepted the offer. You can easily see problem areas in the hiring process and improve your proposal for candidates.

We remind you that in PersiaHR you have the ability to create individual stages of work with a candidate. You can see them in a special block on the left. Here, by default, you are can find a general list of rejection reasons.

Now you can add your own reasons of rejection to the list of standard ones that consider, for example, the specifics of a job or any other factors affecting the rejection, both on the part of the customer and the candidate.

It’s very easy to do. To begin, make your list of rejection reasons, then in Account settings go to the Reasons for rejection page.

Next, click on the Add button, specify the new reason for rejection and save it in the general list.

Done! Now, among the general list, you can specify your own reason.

In addition, you can now filter out candidates by rejection reasons in needed job. To do this, in Jobs section you need to select the job you are interested in and next to its name, click on the Rejected stage (it is displayed in red). After that you will go to a page with the entire list of candidates who were refused. In the upper right corner you can choose the reason for the rejection that interests you.

We are sure that working with reasons of rejections will make your work more efficient!

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Thursday, 23 August 2018 in 15:19

Save time on working with job sites using the new reports in PersiaHR!

PersiaHR helps to save not only time but money! Now you can track job sites effectiveness in Statistics section.

Analyzing resume sources will allow you to:

• optimize the company’s budget for work with job sites;
• do not waste time on resources that do not work;
• focus on finding those candidates who fit your jobs.

photo: unsplash

We remind that our users can see the source from which the resume was added to a common database. By default, the system displays frequently used resources for candidate search. You can add your own sources to them.

How to add your resume source?

In Account settings you have Resume sources section where frequently used resources that are used to search for candidates. Here you can also add your sources, for this use the button «Add» and enter the name of the source.

How to specify resume source in applicant’s card?

In applicant’s card go to «Edit» mode and select needed item from the list in Source field. We recommend you to specify the source in each card, this will help you to identify the most effective sources of the resume.

In addition, you can filter out resume by source. To do this, use the advanced search, select option «Source» and in the drop-down list, select the resource you are interested in. Then click «Find» and the system will filter out all resumes gathered from this source.

How to track the effectiveness of resume sources?

To find out which sources bring the maximum profit, go to Stats section and in «Resume sources» block you will see all the information. Here you can see from which resources the biggest ammount of resumes were downloaded and also to track «quality» — how many candidates were interviewed and received an offer.

And if you have ideas for improving PersiaHR we will be glad to hear them! Contact our manager in any convenient way:
+38 044 384 20 05
Skype: persiahr

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