About the company

Azimut Company
specializing in Hi Tech, media, Cleantech.Through our advanced proprietary persia software and a knowledge base built up over 18 years with more than 40K candidates, including middle-management, managers, engineers and executive C-level, we are able to understand and fulfill our clients’ recruitment needs, which is our core goal.

In order to attain this level of proficiency, azimut’s talented teams live and understand the business on a daily basis. This leads to a deep appreciation of the needs of our clients, their corporate culture, work environment, as well as those of the candidates.

Established in Israel in 1998 by Mrs. Bloria Dayan, azimut company is provides its tailored recruiting solutions throughout the country And abroad

Open jobs

מיישם אינטגרציית תוכנה (Israel, Tel Aviv) December 4, 2017
business development manager who lives in the United States (United States of America, East New York) December 4, 2017
Business Development Manager- לחממה (Israel, Kfar Saba) December 3, 2017
FE Developer- 104 (Israel, Tel Aviv) November 26, 2017
Conversion Team Leader- 104 (Israel, Tel Aviv) November 26, 2017
Mobile Media Buyer-104 (Israel, Tel Aviv) November 26, 2017
Affiliate Account Manager- Fluent in german 104 (Israel, Tel Aviv) November 26, 2017
PPC account manager -104 (Israel, Tel Aviv) November 26, 2017
Senior account manager (Israel, Lod) November 16, 2017
Graphic Designer 101 (Israel, Bené Beraq) November 14, 2017
Senior PPC-101 (Israel, Bené Beraq) November 14, 2017
Content writer (Israel, Tel Aviv) November 14, 2017
Deputy Director of Production (Israel, Jerusalem) November 9, 2017
מנהל/ת חטיבה ביטחונית: (Israel, Tel Aviv) November 9, 2017
מנהל/ת חטיבת הייעוץ (Israel, Petaẖ Tiqwa) November 8, 2017
SEO Account Manager 108 (Israel, Herzliyya) November 2, 2017
לחברה סטארטאפ מובילה בתחום ה Medical, דרוש/ה ראש צוות (Israel, Beersheba) October 27, 2017
Digital representative- 102 (Israel, Bené Beraq) October 17, 2017
SEO/PPC-102 (Israel, Bené Beraq) October 17, 2017
מהנדס פיתוח בדיקות חומרה WINFORMS (Israel, Kfar Saba) October 15, 2017
מהנדס פיתוח בדיקות חומרה LINUX ליוקנעם (Israel, Kfar Saba) October 15, 2017
Online Marketing Expert- 100 (Israel, Tel Aviv) October 10, 2017
Corporate Application Engineer -108 (Israel, Ashdod) October 8, 2017
VLSI Design Team Leader 111 (Israel, Tel Aviv) October 8, 2017
Analog Design Engineer 109 (Israel, Ashdod) October 8, 2017
Field Application Engineer-FAE (Israel, Kfar Saba) October 1, 2017
ICT Expertise Security Advisor- RELOCATION (Canada, Toronto) September 24, 2017
איש/אשת QA במעבדה אנליטית (Israel, Ashdod) September 13, 2017
QA איש/ת לבאר שבע (Israel, Beersheba) September 13, 2017
מתאמ/ת הזמנות ייצוא (Israel, Herzliyya) September 3, 2017
SW DEVELOPER (Israel, Ashdod) August 20, 2017
Senior iOS developer- (Israel, Herzliyya) August 14, 2017
Molecular Biologist (Research Associate level) (Israel, Rishon LeẔiyyon) August 8, 2017
Validation Manager (Israel, Rishon LeẔiyyon) July 31, 2017
JUNIOR QA--- AROCH (Israel, Tel Aviv) July 2, 2017
מנהל IT לחברה קמעונאית (Israel, Ashdod) June 29, 2017
Field Service Engineer (Israel, Ashdod) June 1, 2017
מיקרוביולוג/ית מנוסה לניהול פרויקטים GLP – Study Director (Israel, Rishon LeẔiyyon) May 29, 2017
Printhead lab Manager (Israel, Lod) May 29, 2017
חוקר/ת מו"פ (Israel, Lod) May 22, 2017
RA Specialist (Israel, Rishon LeẔiyyon) April 4, 2017
ראש צוות מיקרוביולוגיה למחלקת ה QC (Israel, Rishon LeẔiyyon) March 21, 2017
איש/ת דוקומנטציה ותכנון (Israel, Ashdod) March 8, 2017
Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Israel, Ashdod) February 15, 2017
הנדסאי /ת /מהנדס /ת חשמל לעתודה ניהולית (Israel, Lod) January 23, 2017