Address: 44B Zelena str. (entrance from the courtyard), Lviv, Ukraine, 79017
Phone: +38(068)2177327

About the company

EchoUA is a dynamic IT outsourcing company, which specializes in web development since 2013 and has shown itself not only as a successful partner to its customers, but also a good employer. Our clients are digital agencies, startups, small and medium-sized businesses mostly from Europe, North America and Australia. We are pleased to welcome active and talented developers, who share our values!

Open jobs

Middle/Senior React Developer (Vilnius, Lithuania) (Україна, Львів) August 8, 2018
Middle/Senior Java Developer (Vilnius, Lithuania) (Україна, Львів) August 8, 2018
Office Manager/HR Assistant (Україна, Львів) August 6, 2018
Lead Generation Manager (Україна, Львів) August 6, 2018
Front-End/CMS Developer (Україна, Львів) July 24, 2018
Web Designer (Україна, Львів) July 23, 2018
Web/Front-End Developer (Україна, Львів) July 24, 2018
Senior Python Developer (USA) (Україна, Львів) July 12, 2018
Middle/Senior Python Developer (Україна, Львів) July 11, 2018
Senior DevOps Engineer (Україна, Львів) July 10, 2018
Middle/Senior Node. js Developer (London, UK) (Україна, Львів) July 11, 2018
Middle/Senior Scala Developer (Україна, Львів) June 27, 2018
Middle/Senior React Developer (Україна, Львів) June 27, 2018
Middle Full Stack (JS/Django) Developer (Україна, Львів) July 18, 2018
Middle/ Senior React Native Developer (Україна, Львів) May 28, 2018
Middle/Senior Java Developer (Україна, Львів) May 24, 2018
Team Lead (PHP/JS) Developer (Україна, Львів) May 1, 2018
Middle/ Senior Full-stack (Symfony) Developer (Україна, Львів) August 15, 2018
Full Stack (PHP/JS) Developer (Україна, Львів) May 8, 2018