Persia - Candidate attraction

Candidate attraction

Persia not only helps to organize the information about candidates but also attracts them!

Public vacancies page in Persia
You can create a public company page to publish all your open jobs. Each job has its own page that candidates can use to send an application.

This is useful because

  • You get an additional tool to attract candidates. Post the link to a vacancy page in social networks, send it to appropriate candidates by email, point it out in the job description text on job board websites, or pitch it in a context advertisement.
  • This is a good way to control your advertising expenses’ effectiveness. You can track how many users visited your public vacancy page and from which websites or social networks they came.
  • It automates your work and saves your time. There’s an “Apply for a job” button on the vacancy page. The candidate can send you his resume directly from the vacancy page. Persia will parse the resume, add it to your database, and link it to the corresponding vacancy as a “New Applicant.”

Posting jobs from Persia to your company page in Facebook
If your company has a Facebook page, using Persia, you can create a separate “Jobs” tab. All your current openings will automatically appear in this tab.

When visiting your company page in Facebook, the candidates see your jobs and can apply for them. The system will automatically add the resumes into your candidates’ database and link them to the corresponding job. You just need to create the tab once, and the system will update your jobs list regularly.

Posting jobs from Persia on your personal timeline in Facebook
When creating or editing a job in Persia, you can publish it on your personal timeline in Facebook. All your friends will see your vacancy and can share it among their friends.