Persia - Communication with candidates and history

Communication with candidates and history

Complete history of all interactions with candidates, and all messages are always available for your review.

You can message candidates from Persia.
You can send messages right from the candidates’ page in Persia. When the candidate answers your message, the copy is saved in your main email box, as well.

In Persia, you can attach any files to your messages. For example, you can send an applicant a test or a questionnaire.

If a candidate enclosed the portfolio samples, photos, or a test to the message, Persia will receive them, extract from the message, add them to your database, and link them to an appropriate candidate.

Persia offers convenient message templates for prompt communication.
The templates help you quickly create a standard message instead of making up new text every time from scratch. You can edit the templates as you like or create new ones. The templates use special tags to specify the changeable information that Persia inserts automatically in messages, for example a candidate’s name, a job title, or your company’s name and address. Therefore, you don’t need to enter that information manually every time, and each candidate will receive a personal message.

Message several candidates at once.
You can select several candidates that are linked to a particular vacancy and send a message to all of them at once. For example, in this way you can send a test to all the chosen candidates before the interview. Persia will send each candidate a personalized message, having substituted the necessary data from his/her resume.

The history of all interactions with candidates is available.
Persia saves all your actions with candidates and message history in one database. No matter what you do: schedule interviews, add comments to candidate profiles, or change profile information, Persia saves everything in the history. You can view it anytime and see when you had an interview, with whom, on what job, and what the result was.