Persia - Командный рекрутинг


The good option to share the access to the common candidate database with your colleagues.

All recruiters in your company have access to the common database of candidates. They can add resumes, search for appropriate candidates, link them to open jobs, leave comments, and edit information. In the list of candidates, you can always see which recruiter added a particular candidate.

Information about candidates added by each recruiter is available to all members of the recruiting team.

That’s why

  • You always know which candidates have already applied for a job in your company, and you can view the history of interaction with them.
  • You can continue communication with the candidate when his previous recruiter is temporarily unavailable, for example, on vacation or on sick leave.
  • It’s easier to find appropriate candidates. Since you use the results of all recruiters’ work, your database is larger.

Recruiters from different departments or branches can easily use the common database.
You can work with the candidate database from any computer that has an Internet connection. You don’t need to install, implement, or update the specific software. Everything in Persia works right after you register for the system.

You can share access to the database of candidates and jobs with the client for whom you recruit the staff.

The clients can

  • Work with candidates who applied for their jobs: add comments, edit skills and categories, move candidates to further stages of recruitment, for example, to “Rejected” or to “Interview” stage.
  • Monitor the recruiting process: how many candidates they are considering, do the new ones appear, how good are the applicants.
  • Browse the interviews calendar and the information regarding scheduled interviews for their jobs.

Persia has a convenient notification system.
Each time your colleague recruiter takes any action with a candidate's resume or leaves a comment, Persia notifies you about it. You’ll see the notifications about all the candidates you add, as well as about all the resumes you processed even if another recruiter added them.