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How to create career website in PersiaHR? (English subtitles)

Persia not only allows you to organize information about candidates, but also helps to attract new ones! And in this video I will tell you how to create a career website for the company and create public job pages.

To do this, you need to go to Account Settings and select the Company Information section. In this section you will see the fields that should be filled with information.

Specify company name and describe what your company does in the appropriate field. Next write your organization phone number.

! I draw your attention to the format: first put +, followed by the country code followed by the city code and the phone number directly.

In the field below you can specify the link to your official company website, if any. Then, specify company address. And in the field below think up a short name for your public page, which will be displayed in the URL in your browser. Here you can download company logo, which will be visible on the public page of the career site.

After all fields are filled select the option Show company public page and click Save changes. Here you will have a link to the career site. Here you can add a list of current open vacancies. How to do it, I’ll tell you later in this video.

In addition, if your company has Facebook page, with the help of Persia you can create a separate JOBS tab there.

To do this, click the Add application button. If required, authorize on Facebook, then select the company page. And click the button Add page in the tab. Thus, you will be able to post your company’s public vacancies on Facebook.

And now I’ll show you how to create a public page for a job on the career site and show it in your company’s account on the Facebook.

To do this, go to the section Jobs, then go to the Edit mode and on the left click Publication on the websites. Put a tick in front of Persia logo and you will see the fields with information about vacancies for candidates. How to work with jobs in Persia watch separate video, it is on our channel PersiaHR.

After you have filled the fields with information for the public job page click Save and Publish button. After that, you will see a link to the page with jobs. It can be published in social networks or sent in messengers. Through this page candidates can upload their resumes and propose his candidacy. The system recognizes resume and automatically binds it to the relevant job.

! Please note that if you attach your career site to the organization’s page in the Facebook public vacancies will automatically be visible there.

In conclusion, I want to add that career site of your company is an additional opportunity to attract more candidates for vacancies, reduce advertising costs and track the sources of responses of applicants.

See you in the next video! And if you have any questions or ideas on how to improve our system, please contact us:
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