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How to save time on working with job boards? (English subtitles)

From your account in PersiaHR you can post, edit, update jobs and receive feedback from the sites, Talent.UA, HeadHunter, SuperJob and Jobs in Kharkov.

How to connect the integration

To connect integration go to Account Settings and then to Integration with job boards section. Here you will see job-board icons. Click Connect button and enter needed information to enter the website. The system will remember this information and you do not have to enter it every time you want to post a job to one of the sites.

! I draw your attention to this two points:

#1 You can connect Talent.UA and Jobs in Kharkov websites in one action. You need to enter login information from one of the sites and integration will occur automatically on two resources.

#2 You can be sure that all information about logins and passwords is stored in an encrypted form. Developers do not have access to it.

How to post a job on the job boards from PersiaHR?

Now that you have connected the integration go to jobs. Choose the one you want to post on job-board. More information on how to create a job in PersiaHR see in a separate video.

So, on the job page go to edit mode. In the block on the left select the section Publication on the websites. Here check out the sites where you need to publish a job.

Next fill out the sections with necessary information and click Save and Publish button.

On this page, a link to the external site appears. You can follow it and see how your job looks like on external resource. Here is job information from an external website. Thus, directly from PersiaHR you can track whether the job on job-board is active or sent to the archive.

In Job Publication section you have following options:

  • You can manually link a job from the job-board to a similar job in the system. 
  • You can also unlink the job if necessary. To do this, click the special icon. 
  • You can also update the job from the system on the job board with this icon. Thus, the job will rise up in the job lists on external resources. 
  • If necessary, in this section you can edit your job ad. Job text will be changed at all job boards. 
  • Another option is the removal of job information from an external resource through PersiaHR. Click on this cross and confirm the deletion.

! Please note that the number of jobs that you can publish on, Talent.UA, HeadHunter, SuperJob and Jobs in Kharkov depends on rules of website and the tariff plan of your account on it.

Integration with

You can also create a public job page. This will provide additional opportunities for attracting candidates. Our system is integrated with global job board This means that information about the job, that was published on PersiaHR public page will be displayed on this resource. All responses from Indeed will come to your common candidate database and will be attached to the relevant vacancy.

! Please note that link to public job page will also be indexed by Google and other search engines. This will allow more candidates to see your job offer.

How to create career website in PersiaHR — watch previous video.

Resumes-responses from job boards come to your common candidate database

After you have posted a job on external resources, resumes-responses that applicants send to your job from, Talent.UA, HeadHunter, SuperJob and Jobs in Kharkov will be automatically added to your applicants database in PersiaHr and linked to relevant job.

Now you know how to save your time working with job boards with PersiaHR.

And if you have any questions or ideas we will be happy to help. Thank you for your attention and see you in next video.
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