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How to work with clients from your Persia account? (English subtitles)

Persia allows you to save time at the stage of selection, review and approval of candidates with clients. From this video you will learn how to work with clients from your account.

Clients can be external and internal, depending on whether you work as a recruiter in an agency or are recruiting staff for your company.

The client will only have access to the information associated with his jobs. He will not see the full resume base and will not be able to view jobs that are not assigned to him.

How to connect a client to your account?

To connect the client to your Persia account you need to go to Account settings and then to Manage customers section. On this page you will see the field in which you need to enter customer data. Please note that the e-mail address and name are required to fill in. At the bottom of the page you have a separate check box «hide candidates’ contacts ». Mark it if you want the client to not see contact information (phone, mail, etc.) on the candidate’s card.

In addition, here you can set client’s status — activate or block him after the vacancy is closed.

When all the fields are filled in, click the New Customer button. Customer will receive an invitation email with your account access data. Also, the letter will indicate your contact information for feedback.

You can also add a client from the job page. To do this, go to the section Edit Job. Here you have the opportunity to add a new client or choose from existing ones. The principle of adding a customer is the same as in Customer Manage section. You need to click Add new customer button and fill in the required form fields.

How to create a resume for the customer?

Persia provided for those cases where client wants to get acquainted with candidate’s resume, for example, to learn about his education or previous work experience. Earlier recruiter could edit resume and show the client all the information. Now you have the opportunity to create a separate version of resume specifically for the client.

To do this, go to the candidate’s page and in the upper right corner select the option «Edit applicant’s profile». Scroll down to the section where the resume file is located and select Resume for customers tab. By default, this tab will open a visual editor. Copy the candidate’s resume, edit it — remove unnecessary information and contact information, and then click Save Changes button.

Now the client will see resume version that you created specifically for him.

Please note that on applicant’s profile page you have the opportunity to leave notes and comments on his resume. By default, they will not be visible to the customer, but if necessary, you can open them. To do this, remove the tick in «don’t show this to customers» column.

In addition, you have the opportunity to notify your customer about new interview appointments. By default, the system will send duplicate messages to the client.

But you can also set up your account in such a way that client will receive letter copies only in those cases when it is necessary.

To do this, when sending an invitation letter to the candidate, mark the check box «Notify the customer by email about this interview» in the sending form.

The customer will receive limited access to the system.

The customer can:

  • work with resumes. First of all, add notes and professional comments. If necessary, correct information (skills, categories);
  • transfer candidate to another stage: for example, move him to «Refused» or «Interview» stage;
  • track the selection process for his jobs: how many candidates are considered, whether new ones appear, how good they are;
  • customer also sees information about interviews and the calendar of interviews for his jobs.

All the client’s actions with the resume will not go unnoticed — you will immediately know about them through notification system.

Now you do not need to send a resume to the customer by mail, wait for an answer, think about where to save this answer and where to find it. After all, you can discuss everything by exchanging notes directly on the applicant’s page!

And if you have any questions or suggestions — contact us, we will always be happy to help!

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