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How to upload resumes into candidate database (English subtitles)

From this video you’ll get to know about 4 ways to upload resumes into common candidate database.

Way #1. Upload resume from a text file

This way you can add resumes that are stored on your computer. Click «Add candidate» button, choose «Resume from File» tab and click «Upload a resume». Than you need to specify the location path on your computer, select a file and upload it to Persia. The system recognizes the resume and create a candidate card. If needed, a card can be edited. ! Note: when uploading resume from a text file, the system will automatically recognize the candidate’s skills, which are specified in the summary.

Way #2. Adding a resume by e-mail

Select the tab «Resume by e-mail». On this tab, you will see an automatically generated e-mail. Through your current email service, forward the mail with resumes to the mailbox created by Persia. This can be done manually or automatically by setting your mail service. Persia system will receive letter and automatically detects resume file. It will be marked «Please review!»

Way #3. Adding resume from job sites in one click

You need to select the tab «Resume from website» The system prompts you to install PersiaHR extension to your browser.

! PersiaHR extention works with the following sites:,,,, HeadHunter and SuperJob.

Once the extension is installed, all of these sites will have «Save to Persia» button. To add your candidate resume in your database you can just click on it and the system will fill all the information about the applicant. You can also save resume from job sites another way: copy the text from the website or social network and insert it in the special field. Then click «Upload resume» and system will create a candidate card.

Way #4. Upload resume from the archive

You can add resumes of several candidates to your database. To do this, you should create zip-archive with resume files on your computer. Click «Upload the file», specify the location path on your computer and click «Upload». The system unpacks it and recognize all the files in the archive. All newly added resumewill be shown in the tab marked «Please review!»

! If your database already has information about the candidate, whom you are adding, the system will notify you and offer to update the information about candidate, or save it as a new resume.

Today you learned how easily and conveniently you can create common candidate database in Persia. In the next video we’ll show you how to create a jobs and post them on the Job sites in a few clicks. If you have any questions or suggestions — please contact us, we will always be happy to help!

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