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Work on jobs in PersiaHR (English subtitles)

Hello! From this video you’ll get to know how to organize information about job and work with it in PersiaHR.

So, you need to go to the Jobs section and click Add vacancy button in the upper right corner. After that, you will open a job card, which should be filled with the necessary information.

The first field is required. This is job name. Next are the fields Basic requirements, Extra requirements and Functional responsibilities. Here you can enter information that will be visible to the recruiter and closed from the customer. You can also specify the country and city where the position is opened.

Below is Private Information block. Here you have the opportunity to appoint a responsible recruiter, and if necessary make a job visible or invisible to the rest of the team. Please note that these actions are only available to the account administrator.

You can also indicate priority of the job — high, medium or low, and mark projects on which work is suspended.

In addition, here you can specify the salary bracket, the deadline for closing the job and how many people need to be hired for this position. Here you can connect the customer, choose from existing ones or add a new one.

Project Information is a kind of hint for a recruiter, because it is difficult to remember information when working on several different projects. To not miss the important write the key points about the company and its activities that will help to interest the applicant and give him comprehensive answers to questions in this field.

Below in the field Private note to the job you can make important notes that will be visible only to you and your team.

Another block Recruitment stages. By default, the system offers you several steps. If necessary, they can be added, swapped and deleted.

Next is the Text to be published block. Here you can leave job description to be published on the job sites. From Persia you can post job on this resources:, Talent.UA, HeadHunter, SuperJob and Jobs in Kharkov. For more information on how to do this, see the following video.

After you have entered all the necessary information click Save button and new job will appear in the general list of jobs.

To view the job card click Preview icon next to job name in the general list.

If you click on job name, you go to a page where information on candidates is available. Here you can see the total number of resumes selected for a job and also at what stage are these applicants.

In addition, the general job list can be sorted by the responsible recruiter, by the date of addition and by priority.

Important jobs will be on top highlighted in red, followed by yellow (medium priority), and after — less important — green. Jobs, on which the work is suspended, will be marked in gray and located at the end of the list.

Job card allows you to save time to search for the right information! And if you have any questions or ideas on how to improve our system, please contact us:
+38 044 384 20 05
Skype: persiahr