Address: 01023 1a Khreshatyk str., Kiev

Job: Middle ASP.NET Developer


Ukraine, Kharkov


Необходимые навыки

— Backend:
Confident with ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI + OData, Entity Framework
IoC frameworks (AutoFac or equivalent)
Unit testing, isolation/mocking frameworks

— Software architecture & design: SOLID
— Databases: DDL, DML, SQL, MS SQL Server
— Messaging: RabbitMQ
— Frontend:
JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, CSS, HTML

— Other:
Git, CI, MS Build, MS PowerShell
Будет плюсом

Metaprogramming (Roslyn, T4 Templates, CodeDOM)
Document-oriented NoSQL
MS Azure


MegaGroup offers attractive salary, compensation package, flexible working schedule, paid vacation and sick leaves. Our employees have good opportunities for professional growth, as well as career path development from technical specialists to project managers.


Development of an extensible, customizable and scale platform for building customer lifecycle and portfolio management systems for financial businesses. Technical architecture, design and implementation of the platform.

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