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Working with applicant’s profile (English subtitles)

How to create applicant’s profile in Persia?

Upload resume to the system using «New Applicant» button and select the way to upload resume. The system will automatically recognize information and create applicant’s profile.

In this profile you can: 

  • edit applicant’s name, contact information and add social networks links;
  • add skills and categories to profile (you may need them in the future to search applicants to specific job);
  • you can also edit the original resume text clicking the «pencil» icon and going to visual editor.

After information was edited, click «Save changes». Applicant’s profile is ready and added to your common candidate database in Persia.

After you have saved all changes and added resume to the database, you can assign applicant to one or several jobs using button in the upper left. In the list select a job that you want to assign resume to, and click «Add». Here you can also move applicant from one stage to another.

Please note button «Schedule interview» leftwards. In this form, select vacancy, date and time for interview. You also can left the comment in special field. Only you and your team will see this comment. You can send an invitation letter directly from this form using relevant letter template.

If you watched previous videos, you know that you can correspond with applicant directly via your Persia account. In applicant’s profile there are next tabs: 

  • messages, where you can see new messages from applicant;
  • message candidate;
  • history, where you can see the history of interaction with candidate and comments of colleagues and customers to his resume.

You also have available field for comments. Please note, you have the option to hide comments from the customer by simply ticking the appropriate box. Comments can also be linked to a specific job. To do this, select the appropriate one from the list and click «Add Comment». All users comments are stored in applicant’s profile.

Today you learned how to work applicant’s profile effectively. If you have any questions or suggestions — please contact us, we will always be happy to help!

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