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Efficient recruiters choose task scheduler in Persia!

Efficient recruiters choose task scheduler in Persia!

We know how important and valuable your time is, therefore we added a scheduler to Persia. How does it work? Read in blog

New tariffs in Persia

New tariffs in Persia

We are pleased to announce that we have revised Persia tariffs. Read more in blog

"Persia" is now in your smartphone

What would you do when you urgently need to find information in the system, but the computer is not at hand? We have great news for you — you can now easily work in «Persia» from any mobile device!

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Persia is a Web-based solution for automating the recruiting process

  • Persia is applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps to organize the work of the recruiters’ teams and make it more effective. It includes a common database of candidates, import of resumes from various sources, a history of all users actions, a powerful search tool, and many more useful features. Get started right now!

  • Post vacancies on the jobsites in one click and automatically receive the resumes to your database of candidates

  • Persia mobile version: information about candidates, jobs and interviews in your smartphone