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How to search in Persia? (English subtitles)

Consider a situation when your Persia candidates database already has numbers of resumes and you need to select appropriate ones for a particular job. On the main page in your account you can see the special field for quick resume searching. To use it, simply enter a keyword or surname, name of the candidate. For example, we know that we have appropriate candidate for content manager position in our database, but you remember only candidate’s name. Write it in the search field. The result will give us all the candidates with the same name.

Also, to the left you have criteria by which you can specify the search query. For example, add the keywords that appear in a resume. Click Find button and get a resume we were looking for. Keywords are highlighted in yellow. Similarly, the information will be highlighted, if you are looking resume by surname, first name or email address.

You can search all words or «any».

Search through all the words will give all the resumes, which contain all the words from the search phrase, but not necessarily in the same order. For example, type the word «content» and «manager». Search result will give us all the candidates that has both of these words in resume.

«Any» — search returns all resumes which have at least one word of the search phrase. In our case — the search will find resumes that contain either word «content» or «manager» or both words.

Please note that you also have additional search options with the help of which you can formulate the most accurate request. For example, we have opened a new vacancy of PR-manager and need to select an applicant of a certain category and with specific skill. The additional search parameters, select the checkbox PR and SMM categories, and point out the skills of English language proficiency. You can also specify:

  • vacancy assignment (this can be a vacancy that you or your colleagues have closed in the past, but it is similar to the requirements of the current position);
  • territorial assignment (country and city);
  • age;
  • date;
  • sex;
  • e-mail and phone availability.

On search results page, you can assign candidates directly to the vacancy. Also for your convenience, here you can export contact details of candidates in XLS-file.

All available resumes in database can also be sorted by the following criteria:

  • by name (ie, in alphabetical order..);
  • by date of changing;
  • by date of candidates addition (this criterion is the default).

You also can sort the candidates by users, for example select only those resumes that were added by particular user (recruiter) of your company.

In the tab «Candidates» you have two categories of resumes:

  • «All candidates» — a common resume database;
  • «Unverified» —displays resumes, that have been added to database, but have not been processed.

Another important moment. On the tab «Candidates», including search results page, you can send individual letters to several candidates. Please note that candidates will receive targeted emails — the system will suggest names, due to special tags.

Today you have learned how to find the right candidate from a variety of resume in your Persia database. Next video will be dedicated to the work with customers. You will learn how to connect clients to your account and how to interact comfortably with them in Persia.

If you have any questions or suggestions — please contact us, we will always be happy to help!

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