Persia - Selecting candidates to fill jobs

Selecting candidates

It’s easy to find an appropriate candidate in your database! Use easy and convenient search in PersiaHR to find the resume of candidate that you and your colleagues have added to database.

Smart full text search in the database and in comments to candidates
You can easily search applicants by

  • any text in a resume
  • skills
  • categories
  • review of the candidates who applied for old jobs

When searching by keywords, you can choose a relevant type of search: all words, any word, exact phrase, depending on what information you want to find. Persia searches keywords in resume texts and also in comments to candidate profiles, which you or your colleagues left.

It’s convenient to select candidates for jobs in Persia because:

  • It’s easy to link the selected candidates to a current job, so later you can view all the candidates for this job. You can also rate the candidates and, in this way, highlight the most relevant ones.
  • You can divide the work on a vacancy into several stages. When you link a candidate to a job, the system denotes him a stage “New Applicant” by default. Those candidates who definitely don’t suit the job, you can mark as “Rejected.” The rest of the candidates move further from stage to stage up to “Accepted.” When creating a new job, you can add more standard stages from the list, for example a “Test task” or a “Probation period.”
  • The system collects the statistical data about every job, such as number of candidates or interviews. On the vacancy map, you can see what’s going on with each job:
    • How many candidates are linked to each job
    • How long it takes to fill the job
    • Was any work done at all
  • The archive of jobs is available. This is a good opportunity to review the candidates you already considered for a similar job in the past.
  • You can also see all upcoming interviews for the current job.